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Posted by: gwen
Dear Friends in Christ Jesus:Praise the name of the Lord for He is our Provision!On March 15th, I asked all of you to join me in prayer for the healing of Mr. Landry, who had suffered a stroke in the part of the brain that affects speech and balance, the right side of his body was also impaired.Praise the Lord Saints of God, Mr. Landry came home from the hospital a couple of days ago, his slurred speech is completely GONE, his speech is as clear as it was before the stroke, he is currently using a walker, but is getting stronger and stronger every day! Hallelujah!!! His family and the doctors are thrilled with his progress and very grateful for your faithful prayers!Thank You Lord for sending Your word and healing Mr. Landry and delivering him from all destruction in Jesus Name, Amen!In His love and mine,Gwen

Posted by: charlotte
I want to thank everyone who prayed for me to get a job and also that my husband keeps his job. Also I want to say a big thank you to God

Posted by: melands
Thank you all for your prayers, my friends Dad finally got a job,our Good Lord once again showed him self faithful

Posted by: J.
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer and helping me.

Posted by: AK
Praise the Lord that my daughter came home to us. She has been blessed with an unexpected pregancy and now has a job. The Lord is good and works in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Posted by: Dorothy
Thank You and all praise to You gracious and glorious God. You have provided me with the money needed to start getting out of debt. Thank You for Bill and Dolly who are leanding me the money. Thank You for the 2nd job I have and that I went back to full time work. Lord, I thank You for my faith and trust in Your love for me

Posted by: Sonye Allanah
Praise Jesus! Thanks be to God and to all of you who prayed for Pastor Ferdie Flores who was to have been executed on Nov.1 in East Timor for preaching the Gospel. He was released and is on his way back to the Phillipines!!! Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you!!!!-

Posted by: angela`
I just spent four days with Cassidy. We have had so much fun and are back together as a couple praise God!!!!

Posted by: ML
Praise God for answering my mother and my prayers for my daughter's current relationship to have a wall put between her and the guy as he deals drugs and drinks heavily. Lord, give her the strength, courage and wisdom to move forward from this day on with her life and strengthen herself in JESUS CHRIST. Father God, Thank You for intervening and I praise Your Heavenly Name and I Love You. Amen and Amen. -

Posted by: Stella
I want to praise the Lord for His love. I can never thank him enough for everything that His love has done for me and my family. I want the world to know the glory for Jesus. He is the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings. I love Lord. You are the beautiful. Thank you for saving my life.