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Posted by: Roussan
My GOD is awesome and mighty indeed, to all the animals HE gives food to feed, to us as well, he provides our needs, our cups runneth over abundantly! Thankyou for your prayers!-

Posted by: Brenda
About 3 hours after requesting that my aunt and uncle that left unexpectedly to Alaska without a word and had been gone a few weeks- I had a message on my answering machine from my mom saying that my aunt and uncle couldn't make it to Alaska so they are returning to Wyoming...don't know the circumstances but praise God they are safe....I also want to praise God now for I know He will answer my prayers and work things out in my situation....thanks to God and thanks to all who prayed.

Posted by: Tim
God bless everyone who prayed for me about the request I left on this websight. I prayed I would be released from probation early and the judge granted the request. My life can move on from this now and move onto better things. Praise God that the battle belongs to the Lord!

Posted by: Jerry
My mom is doing better

Posted by: Jeanine
Thanks to the Lord for giving my mom hope for her hurting hand at the doctor's office.

Posted by: Roussan
To my awesome friends in CHRIST JESUS,I give all glory to the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last,the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS CHRIST, for HIS awesome goodness and power to us who believe on HIS Holy and Mighty Name!!I want to encourage you this day and remind you of GOD's great love HE has for you who are in CHRIST! Nothing can separate us from HIS love, (Romans 8:38-39), and nothing is impossible for us who believe! This is alway so encouraging for me to remember, and I do hope you will take time to read Romans 8 to encourage your faith this day. JESUS will never leave you or forsake you! What a faithful GOD we serve! Last night was a great night of witnessing, and to my surprise, not only was brother Jim Webber out witnessing, but Chris, Luke, and another one of Jim's friends were out witnessing as well (I believe his name is Tom). There were so many people out for the fourth of July weekend that we surely could have used many more sign carriers and witnesses, but I praise GOD for the many seeds that were planted last night! Please pray GOD blesses these men for their faithfulness! Thankyou!-

Posted by: Jennifer
I invited your prayers to bring my Husband and children back. The girls are back and while its taking their dad longer I know that he is on his way back. To God be the glory!!

Posted by: jenny
I thank God almighty for the many,many blessings in my life.Everything I have comes from Him and for this I am eternally grateful.Thank you,Jesus.-

Posted by: ss
i thank all who prayed for me i was able to pay the truck insurance today praise the lord

Posted by: judy
Thank you so much to all who prayed for Rhys the disabled boy who wasn't going to be able to go the new youth group at church because the age group had changed with the new pastor. Praise God that Rhys was welcomed and he sat with the leaders of the group and he got involved with a play etc. It really did go well (Rhys has severe behavioural problems and his carers were there). When a couple of boys misbehaved, Rhys went and sat with the leaders. Thank you so much for praying. Rhys will need prayer constantly as his behaviour can change suddenly. Thank you again.-