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Posted by: denise
I asked for wisdom in my resume writing and that same day my friend who is an expert editor offer with out my asking expert resume counseling. Praise the Lord.

Posted by: robert
I prayed that my car repair bill would be minimal...well my car needs a catalytic converter which is covered under the warranty---So all I will need to pay ia a 50$ deductible

Posted by: Sandra Orozco
The prayer warrior of the website prayed for my application for injection be accepted. the application was approved and the injections are give to me free of also prayed for the kupperman family to return safetly from Paris to los angeles, ca. and the kupperman's returned saftly. thank you prayer warriors of this website that God will meet your needs.-

Posted by: T W
God, You have been working behind the scenes. The way You work is totally amazing. You tell me to trust You. I trust and then I start losing faith when I don't see anything happening. When I think all is lost, You show me that You were blessing and answering my prayers the whole time. I watch Your right hand and then You bless me with Your left and vice versa. You are incredible. NO one loves like You. You are Love. I deserve destruction, but You restore my soul.-

Posted by: Donna
I praise the Lord for answering my cries for help. He truly does care for us and hears us when we pray. I praise Him for this place where we can go to share our needs and pray for one another. I've had many prayers answered when I came here to ask for help. A big Thank You for every one that has prayed for me and others here. Praise God now and always for His Love.

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for all the good things HE gives me, such as fellowship, peace, joy, and faith. I praise HIM for strength to overcome, and for the Holy Spirit which HE has given me. Praise GOD for HIS wonderful blessings!-

Posted by: theresa
Thank you for praying for my husband James. He has gone to a christian men's conference. He is now praying to God and he is reading his bible which he hasn't done for many years. Once again he can hear God speak to him. The internet game he use to play all the time has stopped. Once he has put God first in his life.

Posted by: Crystal
Thank You all who prayed for Crystal and of course Our Lord Jesus Christ. Received a 6 month probation and although they didn't have all the drug tests available on Tuesday- the ones they did have- and tested for came out clean.-

Posted by: michael
I want to praise Jesus for blessing our shop from the day we opened the door. I also praise Jesus for the opportunity to go to China, Vietnam, and Zambia.-

Posted by: khethiwe
Praise to the mighty God for answered prayers. I was heavily indebted and now have paid off 3/4 (three quaters of my debts I feel free, I have paid off my daughters fees and left with my son Thank you to all prayer warriors may the name of the Lord be praised. With God nothing is impossible. Amen -