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Posted by: michael
I praise Jesus for sending the people to me

Posted by: Emil
Thank the good Lord for all answered prayers

Posted by: Brenda Roberson
Thanks for your prayers! I'm learning how to do the inventory and perform my duties at work. The closing is going so smooth! Praise be to the Lord!!

Posted by: ss
i thank all who prayed for me i get the money to pay for the painting of my truck

Posted by: Sharman
I posted a prayer request just today 9/13/02. I had a great financial need and I truly needed God,,,there was no help or hope from any other way. This same day just a few hours later,,,God has answered my prayer. Praise Him! An unexpected check has come in the mail for my husband from and insurance company. I do not even know who these people are. I did not know we had this insurance company. I am so overwhelmed and so thankful to God and all who prayed for me. Keep Praying everyone. Even when it seems God is not listening, He is. He is Good all the time. Please trust Him. Even when everything else fails just trust Him. He cares about us. We truly have a Holy God who cares about us. Thank you Jesus for caring for us. Your people. In big problems and small problems, there is nothing you can not handle. Thank you Lord. Sharman

Posted by: curtis
i thank you jesus for everything you have did for me every talent gift and the uniqueness you have gave me i had a need about two weeks ago and did not know where i would get the finances from but like the song while you are trying to figure it out God has already worked it out

Posted by: romelee
i thank God for all the answered prayer...for giving our family a chance to have our own house...God bless you all

Posted by: Tina
Thanks for praying for my grandmother. She had a successfull operation and is on her way to recovery!

Posted by: Roussan
GOD keeps blessing me with more than I need, and I praise HIM for this!HE is such a wonderful provider, and has even helped me to help others in ways I never thought possible!May GOD be blessed for HIS abundant grace!Thankyou so much for your prayers for me-they truly are working!-

Posted by: tk
My new job is wonderful and so are the people. Praise God and thank you prayer warriors!