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Posted by: T
Thanks for the prayers... God is turning the situation around with the petitions to add more nursing students into the program.

Posted by: God &'s child
Thank you God for answering me, please continue to fulfill your promises and open my eyes to your presence around me. Thank you for the love you shared for me. You are an awesome God.-

Posted by: Bob
I want to give praise to God for my life and the life of my loved ones. I want to praise God for my family and for my new family in Christ His Son. I also want to praise God for how he uses people for His Glory, the saved and the unsaved. He works out whats best for His kids. Sometimes we don't understand how or why. Praise the Lord for our lives and salvation. Let us also smile once more per day! Love,BOB

Posted by: Carolyn Elliott
We are praising God, also for a miraculous recovery for Nic Kay as he is home from the hospital due to a terrible auto accident last Friday night.-

Posted by: jason beck
I posted a prayer on here about a week ago asking if someone would pray that God would help my cousin overcome his drug addiction and heal his heart and mind. A couple of days ago, my cousin called me and said that he was trying to quit drugs and get his life together and asked for my help. He gave up drugs and is now going to church and is seeking counseling. Thank you for your prayers!-

Posted by: janice
my sister heather c. had an irregular growth in her breast and had to have further tests. today she got the exams and results and she is fine! she is not sick and does not have cancer. she was high risk. i really belive God has spared her. thank you so much for your prayers! PRAISE GOD!!!

Posted by: Niv Oel
thanks God for hearing me and for answering. You heard my cry for help. Thank You Jesus.

Posted by: Tracey
God, Iam still praising you ... I need you to show me that you are here with me.. God please give me a sign. I give this situation to you. save my home

Posted by: R
GOD has blessed me financially, and has truly given me great encouragement this weekend in street ministry. I was blessed with an incredible divine appointment with another street minister in Hollywood that I knew this last weekend( I never even planned to see him,yet I was dropped off by the bus at the exact location and time that he was beginning to minister on the street!We ministered together for hours on the street in Hollywood! ) I praise HIM for the strength HE has given me to continue, and for the prayers you have given me - to GOD be all glory for HIS great love and mercy to us! Thankyou!-

Posted by: Robert
Dear BroandSis?Im home from the clinic and delighted to share some good news.Though I still have most of the symptoms and certain things remain unexplained,the reports received were mostly normal and,overall,very encouraging.Some results even indicate improvement in Hep-C related problems.I choose to think that this is a result of the many prayers on my behalf.Please join me in praising His mighty name?Jesus,the lover of our souls!Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Knowing that you and others were standing with me and bringing my concerns before our merciful Lord has been a tremendous comfort to me. Through His grace,I received an unexplainable peace?the peace of being reassured He was in complete control and would carry me through my circumstances.I believe this too was a result of the many prayers.I would appreciate your ongoing prayers for my health pray that I keep my hand firmly on the plow,remembering this valley but moving forward in discipleship,and that I am disciplined as I attempt to use every day to the fullest, living a crucified life, allowing the Lord to use me for His glory.Again,thank you for your thoughts and prayers.God bless.In Christ, Rob -