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Posted by: ar
Praise Report!! God is supplying the much needed funding for my job. Pray it continues- He is faithful so I know it will. Thanks to all who prayed.

Posted by: Meriam
PRAISE THE LORD.greetings in the name of JESUS.A month ago iposted aprayer request that i should be delivered from bondage,because i married the wrong person .on tuesday i recieved a call from court that i should come the next day in the morning ,i went to the court and in five min i was declared a free ex didnt even come for court.I could only PRAISE MY FATHER becase he delivered me from bondage.i RESSURECTED WITH CHRIST IN HIS GRAVE.thank you guys for loving me so much.i LOVE YOU AND MAY THE GREAT JEHOVAH OUR FATHER RICHLY BLESS YOU.YOU ARE INDEED PRAYER WARRIORS AND ANNOITED FOR SUCH MINISTRY.I LOVE YOU

Posted by: sabitha
i thank everyone who has prayed for me the marwadi has not come near me for the moment please pray that he does not come near me till i get the money to pay to him

Posted by: Jeanine
Thank you to God for protecting Mabel's leg from further injury and showing no problems on the X-ray today!

Posted by: Shanell Stander
Hi there!I posted a few prayer requests with you, one was for a new work, which I got, with much better payment and benefits and I started a week ago. I'm very happy.The other prayer was for donation to cover my travel, accomodation and meal costs for a trip I'm undertaking with a gospel musical. I just heard that I'm being sponsered for my total expenses!!All the praise and Glory goes to God, I thank Him for being true to His word and I also want to thank everybody who helped me pray: God Bless you all in abundance!!I love you Jesus!!!

Posted by: uzo
In faith I am thanking and praising God for answered prayer. Our God is faithfull and trueAmen

Posted by: denise
I asked for wisdom in my resume writing and that same day my friend who is an expert editor offer with out my asking expert resume counseling. Praise the Lord.

Posted by: Lori
What a glorious God we serve! I requested prayer for myself a few weeks back because I was looking for employment since February and I was getting very discouraged. I'm now happy to report that I have a new job and I start training for it in a few days. Thank you, Prayer Warriors, for praying in agreement with me; and thank you, Father God, for answering my prayers. We give you all the glory and praise now and forever. AMEN!

Posted by: Roger
I wanna praise the Lord for helping keep me on a much more positive mindset than before and helping keep me much more faithful! I still need your guy's help on prayers though!Please help pray for me to keep myself in the right path and directions with the Lord's help! Please pray He will answer my prayers and keep me faithful, He knows what my heart's needs, wants, and desires, please pray He will fulfill them and help me glorify Him. I am going through tough times and stress and feel quite confused on certains things that only the Lord knows, I need to find the peace and purpose soon, and fill that emptiness I have been missing. In Jesus' name, amen.-

Posted by: Kim
Thank You Jesus for allowing Idris to spend time with me. I pray that idris will return soon and relocate to live with me permanently, please continue to rebuild, restore and renew our love or eachother. I know that You will answer my prayers Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You prayer partners for your continuous prayers! May God answer all your prayers!-