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Posted by: michael
praise Jesus for every miracle he is doing for our school, praise Jesus for person that continues to pray for us.praise Jesus for our sustanance, supplying our every need, for kindness, grace, mercy, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, grace with all authorities, patience,family, a good wife, and for everything

Posted by: vivian
Praise the Lord! God works miracles!!I requested prayers after selling my home to purchase another one. The sellers then decided not to sell - I asked for your prayers and the sellers CHANGED their minds!! I again asked you to pray that they sign the contract, the day before signing ANOTHER offer was put in on the same house. The seller decided to go with our offer!! God over came all obstacles! Thanks be to God. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless

Posted by: stephen
i am surprised when my prayers are not answered in the affirmative at this site. Praise God:)!

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for the great fellowship and witness opportunities I've had recently in my missionary work, and for GOD's strength that grows in me. I praise GOD I have been given HIS grace, and have been healed by HIM in a magnificent way! I praise GOD that HIS promises are true, and that HE is able to do all things for us. I praise HIM for providing my every need, and for the many blessings I know HE will send my way in the future. Thanks so much for your prayers - they are truly working!-

Posted by: Maria Rosa Roja
Thank you, Father, that I am now ordained as a minister in the Universal Church of Life! Thanks for helping me with my ministry! Great things are happening each day for me!Thanks for Andrea, Edward (Mr. Ming) and Dr.Rev.Eric Barker, and other email friends with whom I so enjoy corresponding!! THANKS FOR DOING GREAT THINGS IN MY LIFE!-

Posted by: Patricia
Praise to my Lord, Jesus Christ!! I wanted to let you know that my sister Phyllis made it through the surgery this past week, and is now healing. She is feeling stronger, and some of the pain is going away. She has a long way to go, but she is getting better and continuing to fight. All glory to God. Prayer Warriors, thank you so much for your prayers and words of support. God bless, Patricia.

Posted by: Roussan
GOD has been so good to us, and I praise HIM for salvation! GOD has saved us and redeemed us, and I praise HIM for taking us to heaven with HIM! I praise JESUS for eternal life, and wisdom from GOD!Please pray the men I met yesterday and all of us return to JESUS, and love HIM just as much as when we first met HIM.Thankyou!

Posted by: Allyson
Jesus died for me!!! And He died for you too!!! Thank You Jesus!!! :)

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD today for the work HE is doing in the hearts of those around me.I see HIM setting people free from sin and using them to bring others to CHRIST. I see CHRIST being formed in those I've spoken with, and I am very excited to work with these people in ministry. GOD is drawing us together to do works for HIM, and I am filled with great hope. Those on the street are being set free from addiction, and I know GOD is preparing individuals around me for ministry. GOD is transforming one of the darkest areas of Seattle(Pioneer square), and this is a very exciting thing. Please pray GOD keeps us patient and diligent, since I have been blessed to see the rewards of waiting on HIM.Thankyou so much for your prayers, and may GOD bless you for your diligence which is transforming our city for JESUS!-

Posted by: Belinda Doss
Praise the Lord for an answer to unspoken requests. Thank you and God Bless you all!