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Posted by: GiLberT
thank the Lord.he's protected my family everytime we travel upcountry from accidents and death and he's provided food and transport everyday and has paid all my brothers skool dad is going to get money soon, my sister got a new job, my relationship with my younger sister is so much better and she prays and reads the bible, i started a bible study with my little brother in the mornings..God gives me money everyday.I thank Him, thank You Lord for all the miracles and care. you have been so good and i've not given u the praise.but today..i praise You.Im believing him for protection for my family and friends and some guys are working on some very big dreams..God has given me very good friends who think big and who work hard. im so thankful for all the dreams he has given us, the hope of everyday day and the future thats so bright.i know i will provide for my family and that he's gonna do mightier things in my life and my family. we belong to him forever and ever and no demon or devil can overcome us in Jesus' Name.AMEN.God bless you all for trusting him and praying with us.Happy 2005

Posted by: Belinda Doss
Praise the Lord! I requested prayer for someone to call me and they did. Thank you Lord and thank you all prayer warriors for all your prayers. God Bless you all!

Posted by: anonymous
Lord, thank you for answering my prayers about work! And for showing me with things in my life how powerful our prayers to you really are! Praise Jesus!-

Posted by: Roussan
I praise GOD for HIS wonderful Holiness and greatness! HE is our awesome maker and redeemer! HE is so worthy of our lives everyday! I praise HIM for allowing me to contact my friends from out of town, and for providing me with a sound mind. Praise HIM for HIS great love and mercy to all, and for HIS forgiveness! -

Posted by: Simber
would just like to tell everyone that the football player on the doing fine now! Praise God, and thank u all for ur prayers. ~Simber

Posted by: sabitha
i thank everyone who prayed for me the gear box problem on my truck was very minor God guided my driver on what to do and he ha sgot it fixed for the moment i thank God for this miraculous help

Posted by: Jeremy
Prayer Warriors,I have a story to tell you concerning yesterday at work: I asked a pastor to pray for me. She wanted to know if I had anything specific???? I let her know that I wanted to rely solely on God. Her response to me before driving away from my bank teller window was, Don't look at how things appear for the Holy Spirit is already making changes in your life. Immediately, I told my co-worker that I was going to cry. I had to crouch down so that the drive-thru customers would not see me. Eventually I had to go into the back room and then to the bathroom. I sobbed and cried to the Lord. I thanked Him!!! Later on, while driving home I began to testify and broke out into tears. I don't totally understand this event, but I do know that the Lord is reigning over my life. God Bless and Keep You.-

Posted by: Christina
God's ways are much higher than our ways! That's for sure. I have felt far from God and have been longing to draw nearer and let Him know I am desiring to have a stronger heart for Him when right now it is not as 'on fire' as it used to be. For so much time lately I have felt as if I am not really living in reality but a fantasy. -Like I'm just waiting to wake up... if that makes any sense at all. Well, one night I was in between consciousness and falling asleep when I heard something inside me say Little Downs, I am as real as you. Wow!!! The next morning I realized it wasn't just a 'deep thought'. But the whisper of our living God. So I thank God for opening my mind to a deeper understanding of the true reality of life - Christ Jesus. He is living just as we are today!!!!!-

Posted by: Jeanine
Praise to God for guiding the doctor to change his mind and grant my relatives a release from the nursing home so they can go back to their own home. Thank you to prayer friends for praying, and to our dear Lord for working in the situation!-

Posted by: Kim
Thak You ll pr prayong for me. I have not had my prayers answeed yet, but I have fith and I know my answers are on their way. Thank You All! God Bless! Thank You Jesus!-